Movie of the Month: The Incredibles 2

I have been waiting for 14 years for this movie to come out and it’s another movie I saw opening weekend. I went to a late evening screening so the cinema was just filled with 20 year olds so that it itself was a fun time. If you read my Top 5 Favourite Movies post, you’ll know that The Incredibles is one of my all time favourite films so you’ll understand why I was so excited when this was first announced and it really didn’t disappoint me. It was so good.

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Award Show Season 2018 Part 3: The Tonys

Tonys Day is up there for one of my favourite days of the year; it’s just so full of joy and light and love. Unfortunately, this year, I was in Australia (and on vacation in Melbourne, not at home in Sydney) so I missed the actual live broadcast but when I got back to Sydney, I was able to watch most of the clips and awards online. Continue reading “Award Show Season 2018 Part 3: The Tonys”

My Top 5 Favourite Movies

My “Top 5 Movies” list is a very hard list to make and unlike songs, my favourite movies don’t change on a weekly basis. If someone asks me what my favourite movie is, I usually have an answer. Once a movie has made the list, it generally stays there for quite some time until a better movie comes along and kicks it off. So without further ado, these are my Top 5 Favourite Movies (in no particular order). Continue reading “My Top 5 Favourite Movies”

Movie of the Month: Avengers: Infinity War

Hey look, ya girl’s back writing about another Marvel movie! Usually, I avoid movie theatres on opening weekends for something as big as this but in Australia you can order tickets online and reserve your seats so you’re guaranteed to get into the movie and don’t have to arrive a stupid amount of time beforehand. Anyways, every Marvel movie that has been made since 2008 (all 17 of them, starting with Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk) has been leading up to Infinity War. Continue reading “Movie of the Month: Avengers: Infinity War”

Theatre Etiquette 101

There are a certain set of social expectations surrounding going to the theatre. Having proper etiquette at the theatre can save you a lot of embarrassment and dirty looks from other theatre-goers. Today, I’m going to teach you how to not be that person who comes in fifteen minutes late (and was admitted at an appropriate break in the performance) with a bag of popcorn they bought at the concession stand then proceeds to crunch the popcorn in their neighbour’s (my) ear for the next 30 minutes. Yes, that actually happened to me when I saw Guys and Dolls in Stratford.

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Why Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a Fantastic TV Show

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is arguably one of the best shows on TV right now (And I’m upset that it was cancelled after only five seasons and Big Bang Theory got renewed for seasons 11 and 12, when B99 is CLEARLY the better show). Unlike other crime and cop shows on TV, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a sitcom and it still works really well. Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows a team of detectives who work for the NYPD at the 99th Precinct. They solve crimes, get up to crazy shenanigans (see the Halloween episodes), and they always have each others backs. Continue reading “Why Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a Fantastic TV Show”

Mamma Mia in Sydney Review

I love Mamma Mia! I think it’s just such a happy, feel good musical with absolutely fantastic music that just makes you want to dance. I’ve seen the movie with Amanda Seyfried and Meryl Streep multiple times but I was finally able to see it on stage here in Sydney and it was a really good time. Mamma Mia! is about a girl named Sophie (Sarah Morrison) who is getting ready to marry Sky (Stephen Mahy) and she wants her dad at the wedding. But she has no idea who her dad is. Continue reading “Mamma Mia in Sydney Review”

Movie of the Month: Billy Elliot

In April, I was able to watch a lot of movies and I took advantage of some of the movies on Australian Netflix that aren’t available in Canada. One of the movies that is on Australian Netflix is Billy Elliot. Now, I’ve seen this movie before, years ago but I loved it so I decided to rewatch it. Billy Elliot is about an eleven year old boy named Billy (Jamie Bell), who decides that he’d rather take ballet classes than boxing classes much to the chagrin of his father, Jackie (Gary Lewis) and brother, Tony (Jamie Draven). Continue reading “Movie of the Month: Billy Elliot”