DVDs are the Superior Home Video Format

As someone who was born in the late ’90s I have lived through VHS, DVD/Blu-Ray, Cable TV, Pay-per-view, Digital Downloading and now Streaming to watch TV shows and movies. Over time, these formats have only gotten better and more evolved as technology has. For shows and movies that you only want to watch once, streaming is great but for your favourite movies that you want to keep forever and watch over and over again I think DVDs/Blu-Ray discs are the way to go.

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Waitress in Toronto Review

Waitress was the second show I saw on my two-show day in Toronto a few weeks ago. This show has been running on Broadway since 2016 and is closing in January 2020. I’ve been wanting to see it for a while and thankfully the National Tour came to Toronto this summer. Waitress is based on the 2007 movie of the same name and it’s about a waitress named Jenna (Christine Dwyer) who works at a pie shop and is in an abusive relationship with her husband Earl (Jeremy Woodard). Jenna unexpectedly becomes pregnant and begins an affair with her gynecologist Dr. Pomatter (Steven Good). Looking for a way out and a chance for a better life, Jenna learns about a pie contest and thinks that could be her chance to change her circumstances.

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The Lion King in Toronto Review

First some notes:

  1. I don’t want to see Disney live-actioning anything ever again unless it is on stage.
  2. There is a good reason that this The Lion King has been on Broadway for 22 years

The Lion King is based on the 1994 Disney movie of the same name. It’s about a young lion named Simba (Richard A. Phillips Jr./Jared Dixon) who is to succeed his father Mufasa (Gerald Ramsey) as King of the Pride Lands. However, when Simba’s uncle Scar (Spencer Plachy) teams up with the hyenas to take back what’s “rightfully” his, the Pride Lands fall apart and and Simba is forced to run away into the jungle, where he meets Timon (Tony Freeman) and Pumbaa (Ben Lipitz), hiding from his family and his responsibility to the pride.

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Movie of the Month: Little Shop of Horrors

A Note: I think my actual favourite movie I watched in July was Spider-Man: Far From Home, but I’ve written about numerous Marvel Movies and Spiderman and I don’t know that I have anything to add to the conversation other than it was a really great movie, maybe my favourite Spiderman movie, and Tom Holland’s Spiderman is really growing on me. So let me introduce you to the other favourite movie I watched this month, Little Shop of Horrors.

Little Shop of Horrors (1986) is first and foremost, a movie musical (I also need to stop writing about movie musicals…). It’s about a geeky guy named Seymour, who works at a florist on Skid Row and discovers an odd plant, which he names Audrey II after Audrey, his coworker that he has a crush on, that resembles a venus flyrap, which can actually talk and is alive in more human ways rather than plant ways.

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Dear Cast(s) & Creative Team of Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen, today is going to be a good day and here’s why: because today at least you are you, and that’s enough.

I have had the great pleasure of seeing Dear Evan Hansen four times—once on Broadway and three times in Toronto. The Toronto production just ended its four-month run and I’ve been kind of upset about it so this is just to say thank you to the cast(s) and creative team who brought this beautiful show to life.

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I Don’t Like The Office

I don’t like The Office. There I said it. I do understand why people like this show but I am not one of those people. I can probably count the number of people I know who don’t like The Office on one hand. Of all the light, easy-to-watch sitcoms that are on Netflix, this wouldn’t be my first choice. I don’t find it funny, I think it’s boring, and the characters are annoying (coughmichaelscottcough). I just think there are so many better options. Anyways, because I am so alone in this opinion, I think it’s time that I defend my opinion and share my side of the story.

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Billy Elliot in Stratford Review

Let me just preface this by saying now that I’ve seen both Billy Elliot and Next to Normal, I want to know how the heck Billy Elliot won the 2009 Tony for Best Musical?! That’s not saying I didn’t love this show, because I did, I just thought Next to Normal was better. If you don’t know, Billy Elliot is a musical based on the 2000 movie of the same name. It’s about a boy named Billy (Nolen Dubuc) who begins taking ballet lessons instead of boxing lessons, which is where his father thinks he is. Meanwhile, Billy’s father and brother, who are both miners, are out on strike. It’s a story about family, love, and above all, chasing your dreams.

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Movie of the Month: Booksmart

Booksmart for Best Picture 2020. Booksmart was both the best and my favourite movie I watched in June. It was funny, clever, and just a heck of a good time. Booksmart (directed by Olivia Wilde and written by Emily Halpern, Sarah Haskins, Susanna Fogel and Katie Silberman) is about high school seniors Molly (Beanie Feldstein) and Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) who are academic overachievers and are thought of as “unfun” by their peers. When Molly learns that her classmates have also gotten into good colleges like Yale and M.I.T., despite the fact that they party all the time, Molly and Amy are upset that they didn’t enjoy high school more and set out for one wild night before graduation.

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