Movie of the Month: Zootopia

Seeing as it is the end of October already (wow!) it’s time for another Movie of the Month! This week I’ll be talking about Zootopia. I watched Zootopia when it first came out but I watched it again a few weeks ago with my roommate who had never seen it. Watching it again made me notice some new and very important things about this movie. Here’s why you should watch Zootopia:

It’s so relevant to what’s going on in the world today
This movie tackles a whole bunch of issues that are very prevalent in today’s world including racism, prejudice in other forms, stereotyping, and “anyone can be anything.” We live in a world where all of these issues are present, even though sometimes we pretend that the issues presented in movies don’t exist in real life because they’re “fiction.”One of the many things that sucks about growing up is watching movies like this and realizing they are a commentary on today’s society. In the movie, the predator animals are seen as the bad guys simply because of their biology. They prey don’t take the time to get to know the predators as fellow animals and automatically assume that they are bad because they are predators. These stereotypes hurt everyone and cause Zootopia to be a very divided city. What can really be taken from this movie is that bias, in any form and toward any culture, is unfair.

It doesn’t really have a romantic relationship in it; it’s more about friendship
What I really appreciate about this movie is that there is no romantic relationship in this movie. Yes, Judy is a female and Nick is a male, but it is never implied that they are interested in each other in a romantic kind of way. The story revolves around their friendship and how they became partners to work together to make the world a better place. What’s great about this friendship in the movie is that it shows that race and culture don’t have a whole lot of impact about being a friend. Judy doesn’t not befriend Nick because he’s a predator and she is prey. She does befriend him because she believes he can help her with her missing mammals case. When you think about it, when you make friends (especially as kids, who are the target audience for this movie), you usually don’t care about the ethnicity of the other person, you just care if they are nice to you or not and if they are there for you when you need someone.

It’s funny
Yes, this movie addresses a lot of serious issues in the world but it does so in a way that is more lighthearted (for the most part) and kind of funny. The scene with the sloth trying to run license plates as quickly as possible was funny and I really appreciate the pawpsicle pun. In addition, some of the characterizations of the characters were just really entertaining. I also loved the quick-witted, sassy dialogue that added a lot more to the story and added a tone of lightness to a story that is dealing with some very serious issues.

The animation and effects are really pretty
Lastly, I would just like to comment on how well done the animation was. I thought it was really cool how they added the perspective effects so that small animals seemed either smaller or larger than say Judy for example. I’ve never seen that done with an animated movie before and I thought it was really good. I also liked that the animation was simple but yet there was still a lot of detail. Overall, it was just really a nice movie cinematographically to watch.

Hope you all have a great Halloween!


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