Award Show Season 2017 Part 1: The Grammys

There is a reason musicians, singers, and songwriters are called artists. No one who watched the Grammys last night can’t say that music isn’t art. Admittedly, I mostly watch the Grammys for the performances. I don’t really care about the actual awards. But boy, let me tell you the entirety of the 2017 Grammys was a piece of art.

By far, the best performance of the night was Queen Bey. Her performance took my breath away. The grace and regality and beauty of it all was NEXT LEVEL. Even Beyonce’s outfit made her look like an Egyptian sun goddess, and we all know that she is a goddess. The intricacy of the set/screens and the choreography was so pretty and it made the piece that much more artistic. Lemonade was an artistic masterpiece of an album and Beyonce’s performance reminded everyone of that.

Chance the Rapper won 3 Grammys, including Best New Artist. While most rap isn’t exactly my forte, I do appreciate the art that is rap music (honestly I only started really listening to rap because of Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda, but I’ve come around to appreciate it anyways). When Chance performed, he was rhyming long “i” sounds for probably a minute straight. I was impressed. Being able to write like that and then sing it without getting tongue tied is pretty good. It takes a lot of skills and creativity to be able to do that.

There are a few other performances that I want to mention. The first one was Katy Perry’s. This was the first time I’d heard her new single and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I loved her performance too. Again, the use of the sets and the screens was really well done and made it a visually mesmerizing peformance. It was so pretty to look at and it just worked so well with her song. The Prince tribute was also well done artistically. I loved what they did with the outfits and the sets to really bring back the ’80s. It was so fun and everyone involved performed so well. Bruno Mars definitely did it justice and it was overall a nice tribute piece. I also feel like I need to discuss the whole Lady Gaga and Metallica performance. That was a strange combination if I ever saw one. But art is about pushing boundaries and Lady Gaga has certainly been pushing boundaries for years, which makes her such an interesting artist to watch. I thought the performance overall was pretty good, despite the not working mic. The true classic rock vibe was well done and I liked that this is a genre of music that was celebrated because it’s been a long time since classic rock bands like Metallica have been popular. I also just want to quickly mention how beautiful John Legend and Cynthia Erivo’s (aka the queen of Broadway) “In memorium” performance was. It was simple and classy. It showed that sometimes the music and the message alone are a piece of art by themselves without being too flashy.

Now, let’s talk about the class act of the night. Of course I mean Adele. Adele won the top prizes of the night, Record of the Year (Hello) and Album of the Year (25). This was so well deserved. I mean, her only competition for both was Beyonce’s Lemonade. Adele’s George Micheal was beautiful, even though she started over after messing up and swearing, saying “I have to get this perfect for him.” But what Adele proved last night is that Beyonce truly is the queen of the music industry. Adele “Kanyed” herself a little bit by saying she can’t accept album of the year and that it should go to Beyonce. In both speeches for Record and Album she talked about how much Beyonce inspired her and how much she looks up to her as an artist. Beyonce was so touched by this and she was crying. This is the kind of women lifting each other up that I am here for.

The Grammys 2017 were a great night for music and art. We need to continue to remember to support the art of music in all of its forms. Music is art. Fashion is art. Set design is art. Costumes are art. Projection and images are art. Performance is art.


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