Movie of the Month: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney princess movie. I have been looking forward to this movie ever since it was announced and it did not disappoint! It’s a tale as old as time when Belle, longing for something more than life in the village, has to go save her father, Maurice, from the Beast in the castle. The Beast has been enchanted to remain a beast until he can learn to love someone and have someone love him in return.

This movie was so Disney it hurt. I could feel the magical-ness of it all coming through the screen. It was such a pretty movie to watch. The Be Our Guest scene was one of my favourites. Like the animated version, it had all the dishes flying around and singing and to top it all off there were fireworks. It was pretty much the same scene in the live action version and it was wonderful. The costumes and sets were also so gorgeous. Anyone who says they don’t like Belle’s yellow dress because it’s not “authentic” to the original animated one can fight me. That dress was stunning. The Beauty and the Beast dance scene was also so magical. The music, the set, the costumes, and the cinematography of that scene really came together to create something beautiful.

The cast of this movie was A+. Everyone brought something new and special to their parts. I don’t know why people didn’t see Emma Watson as Belle years ago – Emma and Belle are both bookish, Emma and Belle are both kind hearted people, Emma and Belle both want the world to be better. Basically, Emma Watson is a real life Disney princess. She played the role so well it almost got to the point where I wasn’t sure whether I was watching Emma or Belle. Luke Evans was also great as Gaston. Gaston is a horrible human being and the way Luke played him made him even more unlikeable. Josh Gad as LeFou was also great. Having been in other comedic type roles in the past, like Olaf in Frozen, he really kept his comedic personality in this role and made LeFou a really fun character. Dan Stevens as the Beast was also really good because while he tried to be scary at the beginning when he’s first introduced, he was just overall really charming. What really made this movie special was all the actors were true to their characters and true to themselves.

This movie was also more of a musical than I expected (not that I’m complaining since I love musicals). They included songs from the original animated movie but they also took a couple of songs from the Broadway show and Alan Menken even wrote a few new songs like Evermore, which Dan Stevens did such a good job with. Alan Menken has composed many Disney scores and he always does such an amazing job. The songs flowed with the story and they gave each character time to shine and sing.

The only tears I cried during this movie were happy tears. I cried a lil’ bit when I first hear the score, I cried a ‘lil bit when everyone turned human again at the end, and I cried a ‘lil bit during the dance scene. While this movie was a little bit darker than the original, it still had a happy ending and all was well.


In other news, I have 2 quick announcements:

1) One of the blogs I personally follow made this post about an online movie swap and I think that could be fun to get involved in so please read the post and sign up if you’re interested!

2) peaceloveandarts is now on social media! Follow @peacelovearts on Twitter,  like Peace, Love, and Arts on Facebook, and follow peaceloveartsblog on Instagram. I’ll be following people back for the next little while, so you’ve got nothing to lose.


One thought on “Movie of the Month: Beauty and the Beast

  1. I haven’t seen this movie yet but I’m planning to go in the next few weeks once school has calmed down. I’ve never really seen BatB, even the original animated one, but I’ve heard such good things about this one and I love musicals so I’m excited!
    And thanks for sharing our Online Movie Swap!


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