The Power of Music

Music has had a profound impact on my life in so many ways and I know that it’s something that everyone enjoys and can relate to at least a little bit on some level. Everyone likes different music and just to be clear, you are not above anyone else because of your taste in so called “good” music. Just let everyone enjoy their music.

My parents always played music around the house when I was younger. I remember them playing All Star by Smashmouth, My Own Worst Enemy by Lit, If I had $1000000 by the Barenaked Ladies, and there was always U2 on and stuff similar to that. I think that largely shaped my music tastes that I have today. I would describe my taste in music as everything from Classic Rock (The Beatles, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Queen) to Alternative (Of Monsters & Men, Imagine Dragons, Halsey) to pop (Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Adele) to Broadway show tunes and everything in between. One of my favourite things sharing music with other people. I always find it really cool to find out what kind of music people listen to because music really says so much about a person. That’s why I really like sites like 8tracks and Spotify because you can share your playlists if you want or you can listen to other people’s and discover new music.

Concerts are one of my favourite things in the world. I absolutely love live performances of any kind but concerts are especially fun. Concerts are so much fun because they bring together people who all share a common interest – the particular band/artist. It’s also just a lot of fun to see your favourite artists live and maybe if you’re lucky enough to meet them either through VIP tickets or after the show. The best moment of concerts is when the performer stops singing but the audience keeps singing. That is an absolutely magical feeling.

I’ve done a fair bit of travelling over my life and one of the coolest things about music is that it’s kind of a universal language. Different countries have different genres and different artists and some even have a style their known for but wherever there’s music playing, there is always people singing, dancing, smiling, or just clapping along. I think it’s really neat how music can bring people people together to have a good time whether it’s at a concert in Toronto or a beach party in Mexico. If you ever take any history courses in your life, there’s no doubt that there will be a section on arts, culture, and music in the textbook. Music has been around forever and it’s become a global thing that everyone partakes in in one way or another whether it’s through learning an instrument or listening to an album on your cell phone.

Fun fact about me, I can also play music! I will be forever grateful that my parents signed me up for piano lessons when I was little. I played piano for about 5 years and did my Grade 1 Royal Conservatory of Music exam (yeah, I know that doesn’t sound like much but it taught me so much). I also played the clarinet in school from grade 7-10 and sang in choir for most of my school life, which was pretty fun. Learning these instruments taught me so much about being able to read music (which I think is a pretty cool skill) a little bit about math, perseverance and concentration, and creativity. Because of this, I can pick up a piece of sheet music and learn it on the piano in a short amount of time (if I practice). I also taught myself how to play the ukulele, which was easier because of my background in music. Because I understand how to make music, I feel like I get so much more out of listening to music because I can hear the different instruments and all the little background sounds, the pitch, tempo, etc. Learning music was hands down one of the most valuable things I’ve ever learned in my life and it has truly shaped who I am today.

So, because I love sharing music and discovering new music, starting this week, every week (at least for now, I might go to every second week but we’ll see how things go) I will be releasing a new Spotify playlist on the ‘Mixtapes’ link at the top of my blog. I love making playlists and mixes of songs that sound good together so I thought this would be fun. Here you will find songs that I’m currently enjoying or songs I think go well together. Some playlists might have a theme or relate to the week’s post or it might be just something random. Either way, I hope you find some new music that you enjoy!

This week’s playlist is called, I’m Going to Be Okay and needs no explanation but I recommend listening to it in order.’

What are some of your favourite songs and artists? Let me know in the comments and let’s get this sharing thing going!


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