Movie of the Month: Wonder Woman

If you know anything about me, you’ll know I love superhero movies. DC has made some rough movies *coughmanofsteelcough* but Wonder Woman was an exception to this. This was by far the best DC movie. Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) was raised on a hidden island by her mother Hippolyta. Little does she know that she is a demigoddess. As she grows up, she is trained to be a warrior along with the other Amazon women. Diana’s life is turned upside down when American Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) arrives on the island and reveals that World War I is happening outside the island. Diana wants to go and fight and make the world a better place. She believes that fighting can be used to create peace. This movie really shows women can be fierce fighters, loyal friends, and empathetic.

Going into this movie, I knew absolutely nothing about Wonder Woman so I really appreciated that the first 20 minutes or so was focused on her backstory and how she became who she is. This was crucial for her future character development since so much of who we grow up to be is a reflection of how we were raised. Diana was raised on an island of women training to be warriors for a war against Ares but she was also trained and raised to be kind and gentle and to use her powers and training for good. I loved Diana and her character from the very beginning because I knew that she would be a strong female character.

I also loved the general plot of this movie. I found it really interesting that Diana and Steve were fighting two different wars – the war against Ares and World War I – but the stories were convergent. While Steve and the other mortals were confused about what Diana was talking about when she talked about the was against Ares, they never really questioned it because her war was helping them win their war. Diana believes Ludendorff (the bad guy), who is experimenting with making a stronger version of mustard gas, is Ares so naturally she wants to kill him. Steve also wants to kill Ludendorff because he is experimenting with mustard gas so it seems like killing him would be a win-win situation for both worlds. But of course the bad guy is never who you think it is so when Ares is revealed it is a shock and a bit of a plot twist.

This was also such a good, strong feminist movie, directed by a female might I add. While there was a little bit of romance between Steve and Diana it was never a major plot point and the other men in the movie ogled Diana for approximately 0.2 seconds before they realized that she was an important part of their mission to protect the greater good. This movie also showed that women can kick ass and be strong, especially when they are fighting for something they believe in. It’s not the desire for war the drives Diana to fight, it’s her desire to help Steve in his war and help fight for peace and that’s really powerful. I also loved that Diana was not relying on Steve in any way, she had her own way of doing things and she was not going to let a man stop her or tell her what to do. Diana’s powerful independence is what made her character so good!

This movie had a compelling plot, badass female characters, and some amazing action and visual sequences. If any of those sound like something you would like then you should see this movie. Hopefully, this movie set the tone for future DC movies (if not, their TV shows are pretty good). This movie inspires girls to be strong, kind, and compassionate at the same time as well as fighting for what you believe in. In the future, I would like to see more female directed movies telling stories with strong female characters.

Did you see Wonder Woman? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

This week I made a playlist of feminist jams – make sure to click on the MIXTAPES tab at the top to take a listen!


2 thoughts on “Movie of the Month: Wonder Woman

  1. Same here! I knew very little about Wonder Woman and her back story, and so I really appreciated the way they set up the movie. It looked fantastic too, and it was great to see such a strong group of women for a change. I thought the rest of the film was badass too, and funny. I loved the chemistry between Diana and Steve, it was adorable, and the jokes really worked. My favorite scene is probably the one where they’re in the little boat. Anyhow, definitely the best DC film for me since the Dark Knight. Really enjoyed reading your review.

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