150 Reasons I’m Proud to be Canadian

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

I have always been super proud to be Canadian. I think this country is wonderful and beautiful and has so much offer and so much potential. In the 19 years I’ve been alive, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to live somewhere else – travel/visit, yes, but live, no. So to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, I wanted to do something special so I decided to make a list of 150 reasons of why I’m so proud to be Canadian. (PS – coolbeans4 also made a list of 150 reasons she loves Canada, so check it out and see how our lists compare)

  1. Our Prime Minister is not insane
  2. We’ve had a female Prime Minister before
  3. Our actual confederation was relatively uneventful – quiet, peaceful, a couple of guys in a room signing a piece of paper – which I think explains a lot about us as a country
  4. I’m not afraid of going outside and getting shot because there are NO GUNS (we’ve only had 13 mass shootings since 1965)
  5. Overall, Canada’s a pretty safe country
  6. And we’re a peaceful country; we don’t like conflict
  7. And our peacekeepers do a great job making sure it stays safe and peaceful
  8. Same sex marriage has been legal country-wide since 2005
  9. Maple syrup
  10. No one stereotypes Canada more than Canadians and we pride ourselves on that
  11. The “nicest people” stereotype is 100% true and that one makes me super proud
  12. The musical Come From Away is a really nice story about Canadians written by Canadians, Irene Sankoff and David Hein, and now it’s on Broadway sharing it’s beautiful message to audiences from around the world.
  13. The Canadian music scene is SO underrated – we’ve got Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, Hedley, Marianas Trench, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Bryan Adams, Michael Buble, Drake, Leonard Cohen, The Arkells, City and Colour, The Tragically Hip
  14. And the Juno Awards celebrate Canadian bands/singers/musicians
  15. The Canadian acting scene is also SO underrated – we’ve got Ryan Gosling, Ellen Page, Cobie Smulders, Sandra Oh, Nina Dobrev, Tatiana Maslany, Ryan Reynolds, Jim Carey, Nathan Fillion, Patrick J. Adams
  16. The Group of Seven is a group of Canadian artists and they made some pretty nice art
  17. Cirque du Soleil is incredible
  18. We use the metric system (which makes SENSE)
  19. And we use celsius (which also makes SENSE)
  20. We usually get white Christmases (I say usually because CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL)
  21. Skiing skiing skiing is amazing (if you can get out of Northern Ontario where most of my skiing happens)
  22. Lacrosse is our national sport but we care way more about hockey, there’s even a whole night of TV dedicated to hockey on CBC (Hockey Night in Canada)
  23. On the subject of Hockey Night in Canada, have you seen Don Cherry’s suits? Yep, he’s all ours.
  24. I guess you could say we’re pretty good at hockey, it’s not like we have two Olympic gold medals in it or anything like that (and we beat the USA to get them)
  25. There’s even this song about hockey that was written by a Canadian
  26. Actually, we’re pretty good at most winter sports
  27. Summer sports, not so much (though our Swim team ft. 16-year old Penny Oleksiak might be making a come back stay tuned to find out)
  28. The (sometimes annoying) quote “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” came from Canadian Hockey Player Wayne Gretzky
  29. Reading The Hockey Sweater every winter in elementary school
  30. Canada’s Wonderland is supposed to be pretty fun (I’ve never been since I don’t like roller coasters)
  31. There’s also a mall in Edmonton with an indoor amusement park
  32. We have a fun little song to remember the provinces and territories (not that it’s very difficult considering there’s only 10 provinces and 3 territories)
  33. I mostly understand how our government system works, it’s not too complicated like the USA
  34. EVERYONE has free healthcare
  35. Our flag is really nice and unique
  36. We are home to some of the best universities in the world (and I’m lucky enough to go to one of them)
  37. Canada covers 6 time zones
  38. And for some reason Newfoundland decided that its time zone would be 30 minutes different from Atlantic time
  39. Our money is fun and colourful
  41. Our milk comes in bags
  42. The drinking age is 19 (18 in Quebec)
  43. Speaking of drinking, Canadians (I don’t really because I’m not a huge fan of beer) make and consume a lot of beer (plus it’s stronger than American beer)
  44. How I Met Your Mother has blessed us with this GIFanigif_enhanced-4344-1445523594-2
  45. #BellLetsTalk mental health campaign every January
  46. Tim Horton’s
  47. Roll Up the Rim (to lose) – the one time of year I’ll actually get drinks at Tim’s
  48. Our National Parks and Provincial Parks are gorgeous
  49. Mountains
  50. Beaches
  51. Plains
  52. Forests and trees (Evan Hansen would love it here)
  53. Cities
  54. We have an abundance of fresh water thanks to the Great Lakes #Grateful
  55. And we have a lot of little lakes too; “going to the lake” is probably the most common phrase you’ll hear on weekends in July and August
  56. Travelling on a Canadian passport is a powerful thing
  57. There’s a highway that runs across the entire country
  58. And a railway too
  59. Our patriotism is quiet but strong
  60. We have two official languages (English and French) but New Brunswick is the only official bilingual province (Quebec is still considered monolingual but the language is French)
  61. The better side of Niagara Falls is on the Canadian side of the border
  62. When singers, bands, and Broadway musicals go on tour, they usually come to a city in Canada
  63. We have a beautiful mix of old and new
  64. Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is pretty rad
  65. We invented basketball but Canada only has one NBA team?
  66. We also invented insulin, the telephone, and the light bulb
  67. We have actual Smarties (the candy coated chocolate) and ketchup chips and we have Rockets, which are what Americans call Smarties
  68. We’ve hosted the Olympics 3 times – Montreal Summer 1976; Calgary Winter 1988; Vancouver Winter 2010
  69. Our education system is actually pretty okay
  70. The Toronto Maple Leafs, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Toronto Raptors are “Canada’s” teams – yes there’s other Canadian NHL teams but for some reason the Leafs are Canada’s team, maybe it’s the maple leaf logo I dunno
  71. Poutine
  73. Toronto’s got a pretty good theatre scene. I mean, it’s not NYC but I guess I can’t complain too much. I still think Canada should adopt NYC as its 11th province.
  74. Speaking of theatre, Toronto Fringe Festival is the largest Fringe Festival in North America
  75. Canada’s freaking huge man – it takes 8 hours to fly from Halifax to Vancouver; it takes 6 hours to fly from Toronto to London, England and that’s over an ocean!
  76. There’s been some pretty decent Canadian TV shows over the years plus all these kid’s shows 
  77. Lots of movies and TV shows are filmed in Canada
  78. Free the Children (now WE) is a charity that I will support ’til my dying day was founded by Craig Kielburger in Thornhill, Ontario when he was only 12 and does amazing work around the world
  79. We actually have a lot of amazing charities that do amazing things
  80. We have a National Ballet Company (National Ballet of Canada)
  81. Our national animal is a beaver and beavers are pretty dang cute
  82. We also have moose and beluga whales and polar bears and Canada geese (which are terrifying might I add)
  83. The red sand beaches in P.E.I.
  84. Speaking of the east coast, they make pretty good seafood out there
  85. Ontario strawberries are the best strawberries you’ll ever eat
  86. Some of the best wine comes from the Niagara escarpment
  87. Lots of other good produce comes from the Niagara escarpment too
  88. The iconic maple leaf
  89. Northern Ontario (cottage country/Muskoka) in the summer is so serene and peaceful and beautiful
  90. My hometown is known for Blackberry
  91. My hometown is also known for Oktoberfest, one of the only places that has a major Oktoberfest celebration outside of Germany so that’s pretty cool
  92. Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta is one of the most beautiful sites you’ll ever see
  93. Roots clothing brand aka the most comfortable sweatpants and hoodies ever
  94. Our historical contributions in world conflicts like Vimy Ridge in World War I
  95. The Calgary Stampede’s supposed to be pretty fun if you’re into cowboys and rodeos and all that jazz
  96. Participating in Terry Fox runs that take place across the country in September
  97. Montreal style bagels
  98. Building snow forts at recess in elementary school
  99. The CN Tower in Toronto used to be the tallest building in the world
  100. My favoUrite coloUr is Maple Leaf Blue where it is honoUred at the Air Canada CentRE
  101. “zed” not “zee”
  102. East Side Mario’s is one of the best restaurants (especially their bread and caesar salad)
  103. We have our own version of American Girl dolls called Maplelea Girls
  104. We are hilarious! And by that I mean we have a lot of great comedians (including me jk)
  105. Rick Mercer Report Rants
  106. We don’t have a $1 bill, we have a $1 coin called a loonie b/c there’s a loon on it
  107. And our $2 coin is called a toonie b/c why not?
  108. FanExpo and Toronto Comic Con
  109. Mounties
  110. Ottawa’s a really nice capital city
  111. Canada backwards is Adanac
  112. We still get American movies, music, and TV shows
  113. Anne of Green Gables
  114. The highway 401 is the busiest highway in North America though I’m not sure that’s a good thing
  115. But the OnRoute roadside stops along the 401 are alright if you’re going on a road trip
  116. Remember when Rob Ford, Toronto’s Mayor, was involved in a drug scandal? That was exciting
  117. Netflix Canada isn’t that bad
  118. Sunsets over the lake
  119. Lots of trails for hiking and biking
  120. We are surrounded by 3 out of 4 oceans (and have annoying neighbours to the south)
  121. Polar Bears!
  122. Victoria is the capital of BC, not Vancouver but Victoria is on Vancouver Island and Vancouver is on mainland BC just to confuse everyone!
  123. Iqaluit is pronounced ee-kal-oo-it
  124. We have a lot of islands
  125. Hearing O Canada every morning from JK to grade 12; just a reminder of how lucky we are to live where we do.
  126. Manners are important! Please, thank you, apologies (maybe too many apologies), etc.
  127. Chris Hadfield, the astronaut who was the first Canadian to walk in space, did a mission at the International Space Station and sang Space Oddity by David Bowie in space (video here)
  128. We also made the Canadarm, which is pretty cool
  129. Weber’s Hamburgers on highway 11 going towards northern Ontario are THE BEST FREAKING HAMBURGERS you will ever eat and I will fight you on that
  130. Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy, is Canadian
  131. The Stratford Festival is also pretty fun. Stratford’s such a cute little town.
  132. Snowdays
  133. The Queen of England has an honorary place in our government
  134. Our Thanksgiving is in October
  135. Laura Secord, the person
  136. Laura Secord, the chocolate company, named after Laura Secord the person
  137. The First Nations’ Totem Poles in BC are really cool
  138. Canadian bacon (called back bacon) is delicious
  139. Apparently Santa Claus is Canadian and you can send him a letter with the postal code HOH OHO
  140. Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada
  141. Not a lot of natural disasters happen here
  142. We’ve got lots of cool, mostly normal wildlife (that isn’t poisonous or dangerous)
  143. We grow and export A LOT of grain. Thanks Manitoba and Saskatchewan!
  144. Our economy doesn’t completely suck
  145. Sometimes you can see the Northern Lights (way more often if you live up in the territories)
  146. We’ve admitted the mistakes we’ve made in the past
  147. We are working hard to be better to our Indigenous People to POC to women to the LGBTQ+ community and that makes me happy – we aren’t perfect but we’re trying to be better
  148. It’s not the USA
  149. It’s my home
  150. It’s a pretty great country “eh?”

Canada has a lot to be proud of as a country and it’s a pretty cool place to live. I’m very very lucky to live in a country where I feel safe and where I can be a tourist in my own country since there’s so much to see and do. Here’s to more accomplishments and amazing things that happen to Canada in the next 150 years!

I hope everyone enjoys the Canada 150 festivities and takes a few minutes to remember to look around, look around at how lucky you are to be alive right now and living in the greatest country in the world.

What makes you proud to be Canadian? Let me know in the comments!

This week I’ve compiled a playlist of Canadian music so be sure to click on the MIXTAPES tab at the top (or click here) to check it out!


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