Movie of the Month: Baby Driver

I can’t believe it’s October on Sunday! I can’t believe I’ve been back at school for 4 weeks! Anyways, I watched a lot of movies in September but Baby Driver was by far my favourite (I know I know, I’m so behind on this but hey, I’ve seen it now). Baby Driver, directed by Edgar Wright is an action, heist type of movie where Baby (Ansel Elgort) a getaway driver for criminal mastermind, Doc (Kevin Spacey) and his partners in crime.

I’m not usually big on action movies, but this one definitely had more of a (decipherable) story line than most. We learn how and why Baby got into the world of crime, we learn about Baby’s backstory and why he listens to music all the time, and we even get to learn a little bit about Bats and Darling’s twisted criminal relationship. I really like this because it makes the characters more relatable and humanizes them a bit and you understand that they aren’t just doing a heist for fun (well, they are and they aren’t).

I was also pleasantly surprised with this cast. I’ve never really loved Ansel Elgort as an actor but he was really good in Baby Driver. He pulled off being a troubled kid in a messed up situation and being an experienced criminal at the same time really well. I didn’t realize that Debora was played by Lily James until the credits. I love Lily James. She brings a degree of sweetness and innocence to every character she plays and Debora was no different. Admittedly, Debora was kind of a shallow, underdeveloped character, but James did so well with what she was given and at the end you really felt how much she cared for Baby. And on that note, the chemistry between James and Elgort was amazing! I also loved Jamie Foxx in this. Foxx is really good at playing those slimy, shady types of characters and this movie was no different.

I also loved the use of music in this film. It was really unique and really well done. Basically, Baby listens to music all the time through his headphones but when Baby puts on his headphones the audience can hear what he’s listening to and it becomes the soundtrack of the movie. There was a song for every scene and every moment in the movie and Baby has a song or playlist for every occassion. It was kind of like Guardians of the Galaxy in that way. Actually, Edgar Wright consulted with James Gunn before GOTG Vol. 2 was released to make sure none of their songs overlapped.  It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before and I really enjoyed it.

The cinematography and editing of this movie also blew my mind. The opening scene alone was phenomenal. I really enjoyed that this movie looked like something straight out of the 70s from the costume choices to even the colouring of the movie – the colours were more vibrant and it seemed to be tinted shades of red and orange. It definitely wasn’t as choppy as some other action/car chase movies I’ve seen. Everything was so smoothly filmed and it flowed so nicely from one shot to the next, which made it really pretty to watch.

Honestly, this was one of the most entertaining two hours I’ve spent watching a movie in a long time, probably since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. There was no deeper meaning to it, it was just fun to watch. The dialogue was witty and sarcastic and funny, the music was great, and it was beautifully shot. What’s not to like about this movie?

Have you seen Baby Driver? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!


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