Movie of the Month: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Ever since I saw Kingsman: The Secret Service, I have been anxiously awaiting this movie. I’ll admit I had high expectations for this movie after having watched the trailers, and while overall I enjoyed the movie and it was relatively well done, I think it fell short in some ways. The Kingsman movies are a perfect combination of action/spy/comedy and they are honestly just so well done. The sequel, The Golden Circle, takes place one year after the events of The Secret Service. This time, Kingsman and Statesman (the American equivalent of Kingsman) must stop Poppy Adams, head of the world’s largest drug cartel from killing everyone who uses recreational drugs. Yes, this plot sounds absolutely ridiculous, but somehow it mostly worked and was a decent movie.

This movie was definitely more on the side of comedy compared to the first one, which was more of a spy thriller. I liked the comedic aspect of it but honestly some of it was a little over the top (like Eggsy having to sleep with a girl to plant a tracking device inside her). I wish it was more like the first movie where the comedy came from the cleverly written dialogue and not so much from ridiculous plot lines and overdone characters. Maybe it’s not my type of humour but I felt like the film was trying a little too hard to be funny when what I (and most people) appreciated about the first film was the spy/action aspects of it.

The visual aspects of this movie were amazing! I saw this movie in the theatre, which also makes it 10x better. The opening fight sequence that took place in a cab (essentially a 4×4 box) was really well shot for something that was done in such a small space. This sequence was also really well shot because everything was so smooth and not at all choppy.  In this fight sequence and others, there was a great combination of slow motion and sped up shots which give the film a unique style and added a little bit of drama to it. I also found the overall colour palette of the film to be really satisfying. The rich, vibrant, reds and golds and blacks and navy blues worked well together. I also liked that these colours were consistent across both the Kingsman and Statesman organizations. There were also new gadgets introduced in this film that were not in the first one and I thought some of them were pretty cool (like the Statesman’s lasso)  and the visual effects and purpose for these gadgets were really intriguing and well thought out.

The cast of this movie once again blew me away. Taron Egerton (Eggsy) was excellent. He was witty, smart, funny, cheeky, and emotional all at the same time, which is what makes Eggsy such a great character in the first place. *spoiler* I usually don’t condone bringing characters back from the dead, but I’m glad they brought back Harry Hart because I love Colin Firth. He played a clueless, butterfly-obsessed amnesiac really well and then when he “snapped out of it” (which I found to be really unrealistic but whatever), he went back to playing Galahad as well as he did in The Secret Service, even though his character was supposed to be a little mentally unstable. I also think Mark Strong (Merlin) was really good in this movie since he had more emotional plot points in this one compared to The Secret Service and he was able to bring the emotion to the character and the situation at hand. The only bad thing I will say about the cast is that the guest stars in this movie, Halle Berry. Elton John, and Channing Tatum, were highly overrated. They were only in the movie for about 15 minutes tops but they still did well with what they were given.

Overall, I’d give this movie a 3/5. There are two takeaways from this movie 1) good movie, not great and 2) Americans ruin everything! I really do think the Statesman were an unnecessary addition. There’s no way the Kingsman couldn’t have stopped Poppy on their own. But if you’re looking for a laugh or if you liked the first movie, I recommend watching this movie.

Have you seen Kingsman: The Golden Circle? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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